Occupational health and safety best practices in HA are an important doctrine of the company's business. Weaved into day-to-day operations, from management policies, operational guidelines to support working cluster responsibilities, zero tolerance policy on accidental occurrences are synonymous with quality assurance. This inculcation towards a healthy and safe working environment for all employees is consistently placed into every technical, automated and manual handling of all workings in the company.

All employees are required to undergo a detailed safety, health and environment induction, in addition to attending internal refresher programmes. This allows all employees, including management, to keep abreast with both industry and in-company best practices for occupational safety, health and environment requirements.

Safety, Health and Environment Policy

To realize of the above-said policy, we are committed to :

1. Provide a friendly, safe and healthy working environment to every person (visiting, working for/on behalf of HA). Every person has an equal responsibility to give utmost priority on safety, health and environment in carrying out his/her duties.

2. Establish and review safety, health and environmental work standards and practices that suit specific needs and that the current requirements are in accordance with all relevant regulatory mandates.

3. Plan and implement suitable safety, health and environmental programs with full participation from employees.

4. Ensure that the business operation will be safe at all times to all employees and public.

5. Continually improve the safety, health and environmental management system (SHEMS).

6. Prevent pollution and accident.

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